How can I place my order?

Placing an order is easy by sending an email to info [at]

What do you have to describe?


How many CDs do you want to make and in what form. (CDs on spindle, in wallet, in 2-part or 3-part digipack, or CDs in jewel box).

Should a booklet also be inserted in the digipack, how many pages? How many page booklets should there be in the jewel box, is the bottom card printed one-sided (so black tray) or double-sided (transparent tray). 

How do you deliver the audio? (individual files, ISO or NRG or DDP).


How many DVDs do you want to make and in what form. (DVDs on spindle, in wallet, in A5 digipack or in a standard amaray DVD box).

How do you deliver the films? (individual mp4 files, ISO or NRG master) or a Video-TS folder.

How does it proceed then?

We check whether everything has been delivered complete. You will then receive an email from us with the order confirmation and invoice. You can easily find the amount you have to pay in the price table. There are never unexpected additional costs.

If you agree with this and we have received all files and the invoice has been paid, we will immediately start the assignment.

The delivery time is 6 to 10 workdays. When production is ready you will receive an email when your order is delivered. Don’t forget to mention the delivery and billing address, and also your telephone number.

How do I send the artwork, audio and or film files to you?

Artwork, audio and films can also be sent to info [at]

If the files are too large for the mail, they can be sent via If the files are larger than 2 GB, you can use (free)