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Most frequently asked questions and answers

For CD’s complete with printed artwork you have to take into account an average delivery time of 7 to 9 working days after we have received the (correct) PDF files and the audio-master or files. The delivery of CDs without printed matter (on spindle) is usually faster (6 to 8 days). Productions in digipacks can sometimes take a little longer (10 to 11 days). It is of course wise to plan well so that you are not left empty-handed during your presentation.

You you must always add a 3 mm margin around the document. To make space, have a photo, image or illustration that is on the edge of your document format run through at least 3 mm on all sides of the document. A cutting margin of 3 mm is therefore now created around a print file. This margin is called the “bleed”. Now carefree cutting can be done without creating a white stripe or border. Also make sure that important information such as text is placed a few millimeters from the cutting margin. This prevents texts or images from being pressed too close to the edge or even being cut off from the edge.

The CD or DVD printing has a diameter of 117 mm. An example / template for the printing can be found under the downloads section on the website. With the CD / DVD printing you do not have to take into account ‘3mm extra bleed’ for cutting. The center hole has a diameter of 24 mm. With the design, you can leave the center hole filled. Of course keep in mind that no text or faces, for example, are cut through the middle hole.

If the number of CDs to be produced is less than 500 we duplicate discs. Duplication has made major strides over the last few years. Today mediocre duplication is superior to bad replication. And superior duplication is better than mediocre replication. Lastly, superior duplication is every bit as good as the best replication.

The maximum content size is 700 Megabytes or 80 minutes of audio.

You can use any software to create your artwork but then render it to JPEG with 300 DPI or PDF.

We only offer email support.

Usually your order will be delivered by DPD. Are you not at home to receive your order and delivery to the neighbors is also not possible? Then we do our best to have the package arrive as soon as possible.

DPD delivers your package after the first delivery attempt at the nearest Pickup parcel shop. With over 1500 Pickup parcel shops in the Benelux, there is always one near you. On the non-home message, which was left for you by the driver, you can read where you can pick up your package.

We are based in the Netherlands. We have more than 15 years of experience with the most diverse CD productions in large and small numbers for bands, radio stations, record companies and many others.