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Options and prices for CD productions

How do you want to package your CD? Choose the affordable cardboard wallet, the more luxurious digipack or the ‘old school’ CD in jewel box.

With the digipack you can choose a diptych (4-page) or a triptych (6-page version).

CD in digipack

CD in digipack
from € 0,90 each

Beautiful cardboard packaging with a transparent tray, available as a two-part or three-part version.

DVD in wallet

CD in Wallet
from € 0,47 each

The economical solution.
Great for single CDs and promotional CDs.

CD in jewelbox

CD in jewelbox
from € 0,77 each

The 'old school' CD package, with 2, 4,8,12,16 or 20 pages. booklet and bottom card.

CD's on spindle
from 0,27 each

Only the discs, including the audio or data with a high-quality full color print.

View the different options and prices in the table below. Make your choice and easily place your order.

Our prices include processing, full color CD printing, checking, packaging and transport costs. The prices are excl. 21% VAT.

Aantal/ Prijs per stuk50x100x150x200x250x300x500x1000x
CD in kartonnen wallet€3.17€1.92€1.51€1.26€1.16€1.05€0.68€0.47
CD in 4-pagina (2-luik) digipack€3.49€2.41€2.08€1.81€1.73€1.61€1.14€0.90
CD in 6-pagina (3-luik) digipack€3.60€2.52€2.20€1.92€1.84€1.71€1.24€0.99
CD in jewelbox met frontcard en inlaycard (eenzijdig bedrukt)€3.67€2.43€2.00€1.70€1.56€1.41€1.01€0.77
CD's op spindel€2.53€1..52€1.18€0.97€0.88€0.79€0.47€0.27
extra opties
4 pagina boekje€0.43€0.39€0.38€0.37€0.36€0.35€ 0.30€ 0.29
8 pagina boekje€0.77€0.70€0.68€0.67€0.64€0.62€0.53€0.37
12 pagina boekje€1.13€1.01€0.98€0.96€0.91€0.88€0.62€0.39
16 pagina boekje€1.48€1.32€1.28€1.25€1.19€1.15€0.66€0.44
20 pagina boekje€1.81€1.59€1.53€1.49€1.41€1.36€0.92€0.47
24 pagina boekje€2.16€1.90€1.83€1.78€1.69€1.63€0.97€0.77
Extra (tweede) CD disc (voor dubbel cd)€0.77€0.64€0.63€0.61€0.61€0.60€0.40€0.23

There are a few extra options you can choose from for CD productions:

  • We can add CDtext and / or ISRC codes to the CD master. The additional costs for this are € 25.
  • Packaging in cellophane or shink wrapping: € 0.10 per CD.

The same prices as audio CDs apply to CD-ROMs or data CDs.

All prices are excl. 21% VAT.

Easy ordering | Send your design | Send your audio

Send us your design for the wallet, digipack and / or the inlay and the booklet and the CD print.

Download the templates for your artwork on our website.

Also read the tips for creating the artwork at the FAQ.

Send us the audio files of your tracks (preferably in WAV format 16B / 44.1KHz) via eg

Or download our DDP master creator software and create your own DDP Master.

Or make an ISO or NRG copy of your CD. You can use our ISO maker program for this.

Place your order!

Do you have the artwork files, including the CD print?
Do you have the audio files? Then we can get started.

We check whether we have received everything in good order.
You will then receive the order confirmation and the invoice.

If you agree and have transferred the invoice, the presses will run.

Delivery usually takes around 8 to 10 business days.

Do you have any questions. Contact us and we will help you on your way.